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Blue northern girl in a red southern state ~ ~ ~ ~ #angret looking for the #AngryStaffer community

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  1. Churning out garbage
  2. Can anyone tell me if there's a way to save a Post so I can go back and reread it later?
  3. I had the privilege of attending the hearing before Judge Chutkan today that resulted in a March 4th, 2024 trial date for the DC case against Donald Trump for his alleged obstruction of the peaceful transfer of power and conspiracy against rights. I arrived at 9:30 AM, about thir
  4. Although there are many who think otherwise..
  5. Happy, happy, happy to see Rachel Maddow on Post! Now if only we could have you every night again - really miss the show! Loving Ultra .
  6. Oh my gosh! Disgusting - and too funny! 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Yes, it should
  8. Have a good evening everyone. Here's an autumn sunset.
  9. You'll be closing your toilet lid from now on! 😬😳🤮😷 Scientists Capture the Spray From a Flushing Toilet in All Its Disgusting Glory
  10. I would love a way to bookmark posts I love so I can find them easily later. Is that here? Am I missing it? I know this is beta and I am patient..
  11. Not absolutely my first post, but apparently a cat pic is expected early on..
  12. I've been here just days and can see the improvements ~
  13. The military requires roughly 17 vaccines. Republicans want to end the Covid vaccine mandate. Are they coming next for vaccines for polio, measles, hepatitis, anthrax, typhoid etc? If not why not? Wha
  14. Reposting Boudinbear's repost, however that works.. I cried too
  15. I've always loved going by this place

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