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Lawyer, Fragrance Critic, GSD Obsessive, Progressive.

Waiting for Godot

Recovering litigator and former historian, now a fragrance critic. Progressive, German Shepherd fanatic, and animal lover.  Other major interests: Photography, art, space, NASA, nebulae, food/cooking, gastronomy, TV (good & bad), history, Iceland, Star Trek, mental health, anxiety, and Camus.  I don't follow or follow back people who post solely or primarily about politics. I'm sorry, but it's a necessary step for my mental well-being right now. I'll disappoint you by posting about everything, perhaps a little too often, when I'm not pushing a boulder up a mountain to no avail.  "Experience is as to intensity and not as to duration." Thomas Hardy 

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  1. Anecdotal evidence is growing that the USPS is going to influence this year's election in Harris County, TX. The eye-popping inability to perform the Postal Service's most basic function will certainly deny voters who require voting by mail to either receive a ballot or return it
  2. Death, Caretaking, & Family

    Hi everyone, long time no see. My father died on January 9th after 6 weeks of excruciating pain that reached horrific and obscene levels in the very last week. The cancer had spread everywhere, including into his bones. I nursed him nonstop -- everything from hourly meds to food a
  3. Hi all! Lots of updates rolling out this week to improve the performance of the Post app, help you discover trending topics and posts, see local News & Community posts, and improve likes. One exciting update is that on a topic page you can now select the More menu and opt to MUTE
  4. Space: The Final Frontier

    A conversation today brought to mind, once again, how impossible it is to fathom our insignificance and atomic size here on Earth as compared to the larger galaxy and universe out there. My mind can't begin to even comprehend the enormity of the planets and super giants in our co
  5. The Most Beautiful Horse In The World

    The Akhal Teke , the perfect choice of horse for 007's Goldfinger, doesn't look real with its stunning, shimmering metallic coat, incredibly long legs, and agile Arabesque form, but it is. A photo and information thread on what has often been called the most beautiful horse in the
  6. Iceland - Revisited (Yet Again)

    I did mention that I'm a little obsessed with Iceland and its dramatic landscapes, right? Ok, a lot obsessed. 😆 This is another 2022 Post, so it doesn't technically meet the #AdventOnPost rules, but whatever. Icelandic landscape photography makes me happy, so I'm going to re-sha
  7. Iceland - Revisited

    From November 30th, 2022, one of my many #photography posts on Iceland which is at the very top of my Bucket List of places to visit. I'm obsessed with its dramatic, rather alien, otherworldly beauty, thanks in part to photographers like Iurie Belegurschi who I used to follow for
  8. For #Caturday , a photo thread from last summer of big #cats and their adorable cubs. #Wildlife
  9. I hope I'm doing the #AdventCalendar thing correctly. This post on Salar de Uyuni was one I really enjoyed sharing this year. #SaltFlats #Photography #OriginalContent #PlacesToVisit #Travel #AdventOnPost
  10. Let us (armchair) travel to beautiful Patagonia, a place that has awed every friend of mine who has visited. A photo thread, starting with some taken by Leonardo Papèra: A bit of geographic context might be useful. As Wikipedia succinctly summarizes it, "Patagonia" refers to a geog
  11. Stop it!

    The great Bob Newhart created this hilarious sketch on Mad TV eons ago. It includes the best (funny) 10-word ending to a therapy session. I don't want to reveal the punchline (that made me laugh out loud), but it's helped me when I start spinning-out from stress or from everythin
  12. Kissinger, Nixon, and the Hollywood Movie Star/Socialite

    Nixon , Henry Kissinger , and Zsa Zsa Gabor were allegedly even more intertwined than the story Darren shared (below) reveals. Allegedly, according to Zsa Zsa's best friend of 3+ decades who also worked on Zsa Zsa's book with her, Zsa Zsa had an affair with Nixon himself. Perhaps b
  13. Mr. Kissinger is heard telling Nixon in 1973 that helping Soviet Jews emigrate and thus escape oppression by a totalitarian regime — a huge issue at the time — was “not an objective of American foreign policy.” “And if they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union,” he added
  14. I hope each one of the millions of souls who either died because of Henry Kissinger or whose lives were upended because of his malevolence, amorality, lies, cruelty, and callous indifference shrieks in his ear with a Vuvuzela while stabbing him with a fork, minute after minute fo
  15. Henry Kissinger - Do *not* RIP

    Kissinger is dead. FINALLY! Alas, it was without ever having been tried and convicted at the Hague for war crimes. And no, I do not believe in abiding by shallow, fake social pretenses or expectations by saying nothing when a malevolent, despicable, or amoral person dies. I'm too
  16. No matter whether I awake to good or bad news, my boy is always there to show me hope, optimism, love and laughter. Every Morning is the start of a good day in His eyes. #Dogs #dogsofpost Kona is my Ko-pilot.
  17. By Cagan Koc / Bloomberg Geert Wilders was the surprise victor in Wednesday’s Dutch elections, after a late surge that catapulted his anti-EU party to a resounding victory over his mainstream rivals. As people in the Netherlands, and the rest of Europe, adjust to the shock, these
  18. It's that time of year, time for one of my all-time favourite memes. #Humor #Thanksgiving #Halloween #ThankgivingTurkey #Holidays #Aliens
  19. WARNING TO DOG OWNERS: Please share/RT Veterinarians are sounding the alarm as they see a growing number of coughing dogs.

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