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  1. An excellent article regarding the President being “an Officer of the State”….
  2. With Zelenskyy coming to the United States in an attempt to break the Congressional impasse on funding, I figured this would be a good time to talk about the state of the war, and where we're likely to go from here. Biden was able to allocate another $200 million to Ukraine today
  3. By Bel Trew,Richard Hall,Andrew Feinberg and Josh Marcus At least 79 American dual citizens have crossed into Egypt from Gaza over the last two days as part of a deal brokered by the US, Israel, Egypt and Qatar , which acted as a mediator with Hamas . US president Joe Biden told repo
  4. By Liz Dye This free edition of Public Notice is made possible by paid subscribers. If you aren’t one already, please consider signing up. Just click the button below. Click for Public Notice free trial On August 6, Alabama man Arthur Ray Hanson, II, left a voicemail threatening Ful
  5. Donald Trump has been caught trying to manipulate judges to delay his criminal proceedings. But this isn't the first time. Back in March of this year, E. Jean Carroll's eagle-eyed attorney - Roberta Kaplan - sent notice to two judges, notifying them that Trump was trying to play t
  6. Great news!
  7. France to spend €200m destroying wine as demand falls

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