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Love discussing and seeing multiple viewpoints. Loving the general vibe here so far!

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  1. So my question is - has anyone confirmed this document actually exists? My understanding of the conversation is that Trump was saying this document would prove him right in a tiff he was having with Gen Milley and he'd like to show it, but couldn't because it was confidential. I
  2. I feel people may have set themselves up for disappointment by assigning motivations to Dominion, other than typical corporate reasons against defamation that hurt their company and bottom line. Reasons like defending democracy, exposing Fox's proganda, forcing public apologies
  3. I stand with #TheTennesseeThree . Believe the GOP when they show us who they are!
  4. Looking Forward

    I love my city! Congrats to Chicago mayor-elect, Brandon Johnson! Youth vote up double digits in this election. Brandon Johnson wins! #Chicago
  5. BABY, IT'S COLD OUTSIDE Happy holidays to all who are celebrating. Enjoy, be safe and stay warm! #PostPlaces #Chicago #LakeMichigan
  6. Three below air temp right now (not including wind chill in the Windy City). But didn't get snow accumulation predicted. Only a couple inches.
  7. Why is Andrea Mitchell still on MSNBC?? Andrea, please go and enjoy your retirement. It will be great for everyone.
  8. Flurries at the Lake. #PostPlaces #Chicago
  9. Radiator season or how to find the hot spot. #CatsofPost
  10. When you put a piece of paper and something in a plastic bag on a chair, it's guaranteed to bring both cats. #CatsofPost
  11. Gray day in the Windy City. The waves are crashing on the Lake. #PostPlaces
  12. Trying this again. Thanks for the photo advice @jamesfarley65 #PostPlaces Lake Michigan
  13. Love the clouds and how the light plays over my beautiful Lake Michigan #PostPlaces Sorry my pics always turn sideways -IDKW
  14. Wordle streak about to go back to 1.
  15. Very proud of my Wordle streak, but day after tomorrow it will be back to 1.
  16. True dat!
  17. Yes!
  18. Looking out at a gray Lake Michigan and Chicago skyline (pictures posting sideways and Idon'tknow how to fix). #PostPlaces
  19. Gracie getting the laundry ready. #CatsofPost

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