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Chronic procrastinator

United States, Planet Earth

Husband, Father, Son. Crafter of stories, Meals, and Booze. Lover of Books, Games, and Anime. He/Him. Anti-fascist

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  1. Who does he think he is? Matt Gaetz?
  2. @chuckwendig CDC examines link between PFAS and adverse health outcomes in Bucks and Montgomery counties | PhillyVoice
  3. Rip Ken Block. At least he was doing something he loved.
  4. Today I learned my wife has never seen CLUE.
  5. I got a new shirt for Christmas.
  6. “It’s Christmas Eve. I could be home right now, drinking this MONSTER eggnog my brother makes with lighter fluid.”
  7. Some people Christmas clean to Christmas music. In my house we're listening to MMX remixes.
  8. Godspeed. Yet Donald Trump, inventer of... Uh. Nothing. Is still fucking alive
  9. Pitty cheesin'
  10. Happy alban arthan. It's cold have a coffee or 3, warm up by the fire.
  11. Took the big hoss to wait for my son's bus. Gotta love the sound of a few dozen elementary school kids shouting "look a doggy!"
  12. My overwintered Lemon drop chili pepper has decided it's just going to grow inside instead.
  13. Picture shuffle

    My post avatar picture, and my reply avatar picture are different pictures, and the reply one isn't even one I uploaded to this site... What the heck?
  14. Hey there. Looks like I finally got in.

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