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New York City

Moved here 40+ years ago, written 7 novels & 1 nonfiction title.

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  1. Tucker Carlson claimed Pete Buttigieg "hid" and "lied" about being gay while serving in the military, and now Chasten Buttigieg has a response for the Fox News host.
  2. Quitting my job to post the same thing on 17 different platforms fulltime.
  3. Trying to figure out how to find people i want to follow on this thing
  4. UPDATE: There are now at least 25 counties that will offer voting tomorrow. All because of one lawsuit.
  5. Clear-eyed and accurate. “Now the transformation is almost complete.” That this man is in complete and tight-fisted control of a service that millions are still innocently using is terrifying and sicken
  6. Spending my day after TG finally reading all the way through Ann Fabian’s Skull Collectors: Race Science and America’s Unburied Dead . So well written. #history
  7. One of my favorite advertising billboards on the MetroNorth New Haven line. #weed
  8. Today is a retail worker's most stressful day, please keep that in mind if you go out.
  9. Some random reflections from a Post old-timer now that I've been here four (4) days. In no particular order: Things are happening fast. Really fast. When I got here on Monday night, there was hardly an
  10. Jack Smith working on thanksgiving to take apart team trump’s lies.
  11. All I can say so far is that it at least seems better than Mastodon.
  12. On Twitter I followed #musicians, #scientists. #politics, #writers, #artists, #Forteans, #films, #architects, #urbanism, #virology, much more.
  13. OK, am able to post. Have to click on the original email link to open this up; a message always tells me I've exceeded my permitted attempts but then goes ahead and lets me on. Seem to be allowed to a
  14. Apologies that my first few posts will be trying to understand this platform. Is there no notification system for replies/interactions and no tab that compiles them?
  15. Like most exclusive clubs, I’m seeing a shitload of white folks on Post. Usually when this many of us gather in one spot, the neighbors start getting nervous.
  16. This is very interesting/exciting. It's not precisely the same thing. But on Twitter I've found trusted voices using curated lists. They've been hugely valuable to me as a reporter and just an observe
  17. I was out at Montauk yesterday for sunrise at the lighthouse. Walking around the lower parking lot I spotted this raccoon that popped its head out of one of the garbage cans. Keeping my distance, I sta
  18. In theory this should now be working. If you see this please let me know.

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