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  1. RIP #rockandroll #AllmanBrothersBand
  2. You’d think a 4.5 billion year old planet would behave like an adult

    "The summit of Ruang stands 10,932 feet above sea level, with a caldera that is about two miles wide. Eruptions are relatively common, though explosions this high are rare." #science #Volcanoes
  3. Here is the video of Adam Kinzinger providing the facts.
  4. By The Big Picture As the legal walls close in around him, Donald Trump is becoming more unhinged by the day. And yet, he has not yet paid a political price for his increasingly unstable behavior. While for many it’s obvious how serious Trump’s declining mental capacity has become,
  5. Iran frees scientists who studied big cats in surprise move

    "During her incarceration, Bayani managed to complete a research project. She interviewed 25 female political prisoners incarcerated for opposing Iranian government policies, and researched how climate change is perceived in an oil and gas producing state." #science
  6. New experience in telephone hell. Company calls to schedule the appointment that I had requested. It's a robot that immediately puts me on hold, plays the usual crap music which it occasionally interrupts to tell me how important my call is to them. WTF, call me when you're able
  7. “Some folks probably like to eat bugs with Bill Gates, but not me,” said Tennessee state Rep. Bud Hulsey (R). Well then don’t! But totally on brand for Republicans to legislate other people's behavior with a law that includes prison time and huge fines for selling laboratory gr
  8. What? Platforming Nazis on your social media site is bad for business. Who knew?
  9. I have to laugh at the google ads asking us to trust them with our data
  10. Gee, what a coincidence. On the day Trump posts $175M bond to keep N.Y. authorities from seizing property, his company stock goes down 20%. Coincidence or he found a way around the lock up period #trump #DJT #truthsocial
  11. Dear MAGA, Good news! DJT the stock representing Trump’s media group and Truth Social is on sale, over 20% off from yesterday and nearly 40% off from last week’s high. Act quickly to buy your shares because there’s not much time left before it goes to zero. #MAGA #trump #truthsoc
  12. Beyoncé delivers a lyrical update to this great Dolly Parton song
  13. Companies look to suck carbon from the oceans.

    Because CO2 is concentrated in the oceans, it could be easier to capture and sequester it than directly from the atmosphere. The CO2 depleted water would be returned to the oceans to absorb more atmospheric CO2. The scaling required boggles the mind, think about removing suffic
  14. I recall an episode of American Idol that had a guest appearance of Beyoncé. She was performing a piece with finalists from the show. Now these folks, the finalists, were pretty talented having been selected through a nation wide search and had risen to the top of the competiti
  15. Many are familiar with a twirling ice skater speeding up or slowing down rotation by retracting or extending their arms. Well the same physics is happening on global scale as water from polar ice moves toward the equator #climatechange #science
  16. Follow MEIDAS TOUCH !
  17. Don’t take it from me, take it from Mr. Eclipse himself. #science #eclipse2024
  18. "Larry Hogan is a thorny problem for Democrats"

    Maryland's Democratic party failed to recruit a strong candidate for the senate seat left open by the retiring Ben Cardin. Leading in the primary is representative David Trone, a multimillionaire who made his money by buying liquor stores and paying off politicians to change law
  19. So NBC decided to hire Ronna McDaniel as an on-air contributor. I guess Kyle Rittenhouse wasn’t available.
  20. Company responsible for the smartphone and smartwatch accused of stifling innovation.

    Apple has 25% of the world’s smartphone sales which hardly makes it a monopoly, but the reason it’s so popular in the US is because of, not in spite of, the fact that it is a closed system, which makes more secure and private. In other words its operating system is not run by an

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