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Los Angeles native and lifelong Democrat Longtime supporter of, a local Los Angeles non-profit serving youth in foster care: Community as Family!

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  2. #Politics
  3. “Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel suggested Wednesday that while a default would likely be bad for the country, it would be good for her party politically.”
  4. By: Graeme Massie A Florida man who showed up outside CIA headquarters and told officers he was armed was later arrested with an AK-47 rifle at a nearby preschool in Virginia . Eric Sandow, 32, of Gainesville, Florida, was taken into custody after allegedly approaching the Dolley Ma
  5. This knocked my socks off. Thank you Cmdr.
  6. I'm betting this man baby is opposed to abortion. What an asshole!
  7. By: Michelle Chapman, The Associated Press Pulitzer Prize winning digital media company BuzzFeed will shut down its news division cuts another 15% of its staff across the company, adding to layoffs made earlier this year. BuzzFeed has approximately 1,200 total employees, according
  8. By: Anthony Esposito MEXICO CITY (Reuters) -The Mexican economy could grow up to 3.0% both this year and next, boosted by increased manufacturing investment and cooling inflation, according to a copy of the government's latest budget forecasts seen by Reuters on Friday. The ministr
  9. Sen. John Fetterman has been discharged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he had been receiving treatment for clinical depression since mid-February.
  10. ***JUST IN*** - ABC reports that Trump's claim of executive privilege for Mark Meadows, Stephen Miller, Dan Scavino and others has been DENIED by Judge Howell. This relates to Jack Smith's Jan 6th grand jury. And the walls inch in a little further. We've heard so much the past few
  11. By: Cydney Henderson, Scooby Axson, Victoria Hernandez and Lindsay Schnell, USA TODAY It's a sweet weekend for women's college basketball. The NCAA women's tournament resumes Friday with Sweet 16 action and some of the biggest names in the collegiate game are set to hit the hardwo
  12. By: Gustaf Kilander An interview with then-President Donald Trump recorded in 2018 appears to undermine his defence in the Stormy Daniels hush money case. “They weren’t taken out of campaign finance – that’s a big thing,” Mr Trump said at the time, regarding the money paid to the p
  13. Donald Trump’s recent call for “protest” against his potential indictment on a hush-money-related charge prompted a judge to impose an unusual level of secrecy around the jury in an upcoming civil trial over a rape allegation against him. Read more #Politics #Trump
  14. A whopping 72 percent of viewers approved of President Joe Biden ‘s State of the Union speech — including 43 percent of Republicans who watched. Biden delivered his first State of the Union address under the new GOP House majority Tuesday night, and a raucous majority it turned out
  15. Many of us on the West Coast listened on our local NPR stations while driving home from work.
  16. By Tyler Clifford (Reuters) - The family of Amir Locke, a Black man who was killed by Minneapolis police during a no-knock raid on an apartment last year, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city and the officer who fired the fatal gunshots. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. Di
  17. I am not certain whether Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is smart enough to be embarrassed by his performance on Face The Nation. He may not be. If he were merely as smart at your average high school junior, he would be ashamed to ever show his face in public after this amateuris

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