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Spectator extraordinaire

I’m more of an observer of the worlds events than a participant.

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  1. I woke up today and the news was all about train and balloon crashes. What century is this?
  2. Wildlife filmmakers give off a vibe that can only be described as “grew up privileged and want you to see how emotionally attached they can get”
  3. If the groundhog sees the comet it’s 50,000 more years of global warming
  4. Trying get to the recipe on a cooking website is embarking on a grueling journey with one turn after another to determine if you truly are worthy of this knowledge.
  5. What up playa. You checked out the PBS app? A new America’s Test Kitchen just dropped. I know right. Sick!
  6. One way the internet has changed my life is now I am too disgusted when I hear a sentence start with the word “so.”
  7. I used some tokens to read a few articles from Reuters and now I don’t see posts from anyone else
  8. Make sure your windshield wipers are off before you start the car!
  9. Yesterday I got Wordle on my third try
  10. Christmas is all about putting fragile decorations in places with high potential energy.
  11. I just deleted Twitter and my Post feed feels fresh and unassuming. Like I’m used to sitting next to the same group in the cafeteria who talk too loudly about their own drama and now suddenly they’re

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