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Justin Cohen


Author, organizer, dad.

Brooklyn, NY

Here to make dad jokes, post pictures of Tahdig, and mourn the loss of Twitter. Free Brittney Griner. Zan Zendegi Azadi. Spinning Plates with Sheila Saremzadeh. Change Agents with Corwin Press. I like writing longer stuff.

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  1. New on our family substack: Sam Bankman-Fried is the inevitable conclusion of valorizing feckless grifters like Elon Musk.
  2. new Pinocchio is intense af
  3. hears that 25 anti-state terrorists were arrested in germany “Oh, I wonder if they were nazis, or progressive librarians”
  4. Yes to all of this. Stop ceding platforms to asshole narcissists.
  5. Portugal could sub me in and still win here
  6. Thoughts with Tahdig A rare glimpse of Tahdig the dog with Tahdig the rice. If he eats this, is it cannibalism?
  7. Thoughts with Tahdig

    As usual, we start with the Tahdig. As for the thoughts … Remember when everyone was panicked about the spotted lantern flies? What ever happened with that?
  8. Thoughts with Tahdig

    First, as is customary, the Tahdig. Second, wow Andor is good. Raises important questions like: A) what would it look like for Gollum to do a prison riot Or B) how could this senator have thought it was
  9. Sam Blankman-Fried is the inevitable consequence of valorizing men like Elon Musk. Our culture’s archetype for white male success is rotten to the core.
  10. Thoughts with Tahdig First, as always, the Tahdig. To be clear, sometimes it will be the dog, and other times the food. Do you like cute dogs (who doesnt?). Also, what’s your tolerance level for white Jew
  11. Thoughts with Tahdig

    First, as is customary, the Tahdig: Yes, he is a dog named for an Iranian rice dish. When he eats that dish, I legitimately wonder if he knows something truly special is happening. That’s it. That’s the
  12. Thoughts with Tahdig

    Me: here’s a picture of our dog, Tahdig, adorably sleeping in front of the kids’ toys Also me: does anyone want to hear my long winded thoughts on the abdication of the state role in moderating speech
  13. Seconding this. I joined this morning and am noting a significant lack of black and brown faces as I scroll. Experience tells us that cultures struggle to become inclusive if they don’t start that way
  14. Giddily scrolling the feed and realizing the functionality is much better than I expected … hope knows no bounds 😂😂😂

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