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Politics & campaigns, polling, media, tech

Former political staffer and pollster, now working in media.

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  1. The federal government is showing they are willing to take urgent action to solve the housing crisis, but will it be enough? The growing disconnect between housing starts and population growth means that more and more people are competing for a shrinking pool of available units.
  2. Morris Chang: the microchip mogul caught between Biden and Xi

    A great piece from The Spectator on the Chip Wars and Morris Chang - a tech visionary that was critical to the creation of the semiconductor industry.
  3. Canadian Polling Notes - Nanos Dec 16th

    Nanos released their weekly tracker. For Conservative partisans, a couple reasons for optimism and one potential risk. Without diving into the regional splits, a CPC lead of 35% to 29% for the LPC is
  4. New Canadian Polling

    A couple fascinating graphs in today's release from Angus Reid. Trudeau approval still below the 2021 election, but gaining steam after a tough summer. Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre and Justin

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