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Justin Evans


Energy nerd and public servant

Whitman, MA

Selectman for the Town of Whitman, MA Assistant Director for the MA DPU Opinions my own. He/him

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  1. I like the @PatrickTutwiler appointment! The admin already had 2 point guards in @maura_healey (Harvard ‘92) and @MayorDriscoll (Salem State ‘89). Tutwiler played forward (Holy Cross ‘97). Can’t seem t
  2. Generating Bylaws with AI

    Testing out ChatGPT and: Prompt: Write a Municipal bylaw prohibiting dancing like that town from Footloose Title: Dancing Prohibition Bylaw Purpose: The purpose of this bylaw is to prohibit dancing withi
  3. That was my first time hearing the English National anthem with “King” #USAvsEng #FIFAworldcup #USMNT
  4. Trying desperately to remember what my first tweet was back in 2009 as a college freshman. Probably nothing too profound. Here’s a Post!

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