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Blue voter in a red county. Anti-fascist. Firmly attached. LGBTQ safe. Pro-Choice. Pro-democracy & the rule of law. Be yourself. Be kind.

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  1. Last week Mike Pence called for the privatization of Social Security. American media almost completely ignored it. Just like every time Republicans propose destroying New Deal programs the media largely ignores it. What’s it going to take to wake them up?
  2. Sooo…while I was signing up, there was a link I could share to my profile. Now that I’m actually signed up, I can’t find it on my profile. Any ideas?
  3. Yanno what isn’t getting enough press? THIS: it will change our world.
  4. Never had a lot of followers on the bird…or any other SM , for that matter. Being a small account saved me a lot of grief, frankly. But I’m here. Beta makes it hard to find folks I used to follow for

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