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Retired prof, atheist and posthumanist

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Retired university professor, mother and lover of non-human animals and our exquisite planet

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  1. Seriously, he didn't know - what a bunch of BS
  2. Talk about a money grab - #CK Public Health should be ashamed of this money grab from teens who have few to no resources other than from their parents
  3. Good news indeed - I do hope it flies. Folks have to do something as guns are the number one killer of children in the US. "A third of households with children have a gun and nearly half of gun-ownin
  4. Another legal loss for trump and his merry band of lawyer - many of whom are or will be facing legal conseqences.
  5. We'll see how it goes. The judge is a trump appointee and therefore may lean into hate
  6. So wonderful to see!
  7. The taliban are afraid of girls and women and are running the country with their peckers
  8. Lovely - it will be interesting to see how the Putin lovers in congress like trumpian Greene, Gosar, Johnson etc react
  9. Things are getting pretty hot in Washington.
  10. I'm in full agreement. I support Garland and Smith, but trump 2023 should mean jail time for trump, Eastman and the other retrobates hanging on to his coat tails
  11. As Stephanie Miller always quips on "Political Voices Network" when referring to MAGA Republicans, "fight,fight, fight, rats in a bag"
  12. Rouble slumps to 7-month low, biggest one-day drop since July This may further undercut support for Putin's illegal war on Ukraine
  13. China races to bolster health system as Covid surge sparks global concern

    Terrifying - they should have opened the country by sections over the next year - this is going to be a disaster "Some health experts estimate 60% of people in China – equivalent to 10% of the world’s
  14. This made me very happy. You can run and you can hide, but the court's have control of your money now boyo.
  15. Absolutely!
  16. This is brilliant - Thank you Dewey R Lineberry@dewey3214
  17. The trouble with Edward Snowden

    I was so supportive of Snowden when he blew the whistle on the US, but his current situation as Putin's beneficiary means he cannot blow the whistle on Russia. This suggests to me a certain Snowden an
  18. Pussy Riot pushes back at the World Cup
  19. Nefarious Putin continues to terrorize Ukrainians

    "Ukrainian authorities said Russia attacked the power grid and other infrastructure using kamikaze drones in an early morning attack on Kyiv and its surrounding districts."
  20. Mars and Earth are in closest approach to each other this year. (began Dec 1). You can easily see Mars in the night sky. Beautiful.

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