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Dr. Donald G. Billings


Managing Legal Technology Consultant

San Francisco, CA

A Unique Blend of Technical Expertise, Legal Insight, & Business Acumen. 20+ Years serving Global Law Firms, Fortune-100 Companies, and the Non-Profit Sector.

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  1. #LawFirms must shift from short-term, individualistic thinking to long-term, system-based thinking. This will create a better work culture and reduce turnover, allowing the firm to be more successful
  2. Worth the read. I've been secular for as long as I can remember; this aligns pretty well with my experience here in SF.
  3. Color me surprised
  4. Congrats to my wife @okologie for completing her Doctor of Public Health (Dr.P.H.)!
  5. Arizona legal challenges update. 8 of 10 of Kari Lakes challenges were dismissed late Monday.
  6. Client Side Encryption coming to Gmail

    Something to watch with future Gmail evidence collections. Google has just announced that it is beta testing client-side encryption for Gmail as part of its efforts to secure emails sent through the w
  7. Very much worth the read.
  8. Just, wow.
  9. Let's hope we can turn this around - I still love this city.
  10. It's worth a peek.
  11. Wow.
  12. That did it for me. I can't support engagement on a site that bans the free press because someone can't take a bit of critique. So I officially killed my account.
  13. On legal contracts, imperative and declarative smart contracts, and blockchain systems

    "We discuss how properties of imperative and declarative languages, including the underlying architectures to support contract management and lifecycle, apply to various aspects of legal contracts. We
  14. Some good news

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