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A hopeful progressive.

Durham, NC

Volunteer DJ at community/college radio station (music and sports); Vinyl collector and live music enthusiast; Instructional technology professional in academia (law school); Soccer (futbol) fan; Fantasy sports; Ally; Lover of environment, travel, and fine foods.

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  1. Wye oak album review - (video link) Check out my new album review for Everyday Like The Last by @wyeoak . #WyeOak #hearwitness #albumreview
  2. Listen in to my show today!

    Happy to share some new music with you today on @wxdu - check it out online: or 88.7 locally. New tunes from Marsh, GBV, Little Simz, King Tuff, and Nosaj Thing. Older ones from Bowie, Cure, and Blondie. Hope you can listen! #MidweekM u sings #WXDU
  3. Join me from 4-6pm today

    Feel free to listen in today from 4-6pm on @wxdu - listen online here: or on 88.7FM. New music and lots of classic tunes from the last 40 yeas or so. Hopefully I will have one listener? #WXDU #NewMusi
  4. Just a PSA

    For those of you playing at home, Cass McCombs and Gaz Coombes are two different artists... Kinda like Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney. Just a PSA, lol. I lean Gaz mostly.
  5. Join me for music today! 4-6PM Eastern.

    Hi all - spinning some new music today on WXDU - locally 88.7 FM. Lots of ambient, indie rock, soul, and electronica. Also have some classic indie rock to throw atcha! Tunes from Lee Fields, DIIV, Cig
  6. Yep.
  7. Love this story!
  8. My intro!

    Hello all- hoping this is the place! Twitter refugee and looking for similar minded folks who value truth, empathy, and good humor. So glad to be here!

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