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  1. I struggled for years to learn the wellness secret my clients discover in Week 1.

    The secret seems so simple, but in 2015 no one was there to tell me. Honestly, if someone had told me, I don’t think I would have been ready to hear it. I was open to hearing about nutrition. That summer, I had gone on a business trip to the Pacific Northwest, and some wonderful
  2. I feel you, Marie.

    When Marie Kondo said she'd kind of given up on tidying since having her third child, a lot of people took that as a sign tidying up was a sham. No. We saw the benefits. Kondo proved it could be done. For me, the lesson isn't that some Miss Know-it-all fell from glory. The lesson i
  3. Small steps. Huge changes.

    You'd be surprised (or maybe you wouldn't, #iykyk ) how many client wellness goals revolve around improving the quality of their poop. The smallest changes can yield some of the best results, and let me tell you: when your poop ain't right, it's hard for anything else to go all tha
  4. I don't know who needs to hear this today, but you deserve better than kale.
  5. A Peaceful Priority

    When you make peace of mind your biggest priority and organize your life around peace of mind, everything changes. If you look at the world and see yourself in the center of it, you will never know peace. Nothing will become what you envision because you are not in any practical
  6. Be kind to yourself.
  7. It should be known as Bullshit Index (BSI)

    BMI is worse than useless. But if you go to your doctor for a routine checkup, Body Mass Index is one of the metrics they're guaranteed to give you, most likely without any of the context necessary to prevent it from misinforming you and your physician. We call this healthcare, bu
  8. Doom-scrolling check.

    How is your current social media session making you feel? And are you okay with that? I'd invite you to take a few seconds to think about that one. It's okay to be upset or angry or absolutely fed up. Sometimes that's appropriate. But it's also perfectly okay both to recognize you
  9. Living well is the best revenge. Against whom? Just to rub it in, I've forgotten.
  10. The sun is out there. But (if you live anywhere near here) we just can't see it for awhile. A very long while. But it will be back. And I will be ready.
  11. The first step to wellness is mindfulness. I can't tell you how many clients have made their biggest breakthroughs just from making a very tiny effort to be more aware. This has implications way beyond weight loss. Huge chunks of life's problems would go away if we could just turn
  12. It's easy to start habits you like. If you spend less energy trying to stop a bad habit and reapply it to find something you like to do, eat, or talk about (that also makes you feel good after you're
  13. When we focus on losing weight, it can be torture, because we perceive and react to failure SO emotionally, and it triggers that favorite of all coping mechanisms: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. And we'r
  14. There was a three-minute timespan today that was simply the intersection of many different people in my life doing nice things for each other. Absolutely a highlight of 2023. Nothing major all on its
  15. The past three years have been a huge change for me. I'd love to help you make the same kind of change. We're launching something special today . Join us?
  16. #feedback So, yeah, the losing a half hour of typing because you walked away from your computer for a minute thing is most unwelcome.
  17. One of the most difficult shifts for me was gradually switching from good/bad language in my self-talk and in how I discuss wellness with others to wording that focuses on results and consequences, ob
  18. A lot of people use the “eat the frog” approach to taking positive steps in their lives. The idea is, if you find a task that’s supremely gross and do it first, everything else will be easy. Hate runn
  19. Wellness is a WE thing. It’s not something you can do alone.

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