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  1. About F'in Time.

    For years she was held accountable for a mistake while deliberate fraudulent repubs were allowed to walk away. 🗳️ 💙 🇺🇸 #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #VoteBlueToSaveTexas "The appeals court's reversal of Mason's conviction on Thursday, after finding that prosecutors had indeed not sufficient
  2. There's no loyalty between drifters, traitors and thieves. Someone will always spill his guts to save his life. #LockTrumpUp #LockThemAllUpWithHim
  3. By Joe Hindy Donald Trump reportedly authorized the CIA to conduct a social media smear campaign against the Chinese government during his presidency. As Reuters reports , the campaign had CIA operatives create social media accounts on various Chinese websites to spread narratives t
  4. "President Joe Biden did not falter as he delivered a nearly flawless State of the Union address, barely even stuttering, as a desperate Donald Trump attacked his appearance on Truth Social." 🗳️ 💙 🇺🇸 #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica
  5. Just amazing to watch President Biden reel off program after program that will improve the lives of so many, while MAGA Mike Johnson squirms like the smarmy villain he is. Checkmate.
  6. By John Bowden Vice President Kamala Harris called on Sunday for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza that would last for six weeks as she spoke in Selma , Alabama, on the anniversary of the civil rights march later known as “Bloody Sunday”. “[G]iven the immense scale of suffering in Gaza
  7. On Friday afternoon, President Joe Biden called for an “immediate ceasefire.” “We’re trying to work out a deal between Israel and Hamas on the hostages being returned and an immediate ceasefire in Gaza for at least the next six weeks and to allow the surge of aid to the Gaza Stri
  8. The appointed Surgeon General of Florida is himself a dangerous anti-vaxxer. And promoting this belief is an immediate danger to the young, sick and elderly. The consequences are right in front of us! #Florida #Vaccination #measles
  9. SMDH. Not surprised. 🗳️ 💙 🇺🇸 #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica
  10. I agree. Tear that sham paperwork in a Pelosi move, 🗑️ it, and close the door on that committee. 🗳️ 💙 🇺🇸 #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica
  11. 🥺
  12. I agree, Mr. Loudermilk should sue. Burchett's post hasn't been removed which means he's purposely defaming an American citizen and putting his life in danger. "Filipkowski also circulated an image of the American-born citizen shown in Burchett’s post. His name is Denton Loudermi
  13. "Most of the incidents in the sanctuary state happened at the Quality Inn in Cheektowaga, near the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, where controversial New York City contractor DocGo set up a Humanitarian Emergency Relief and Response Center for asylum-seekers, says the sui
  14. By Simone McCarthy, CNN NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg has hit back against “any suggestion” countries within the alliance would not defend one another after former US President Donald Trump said he would not abide by the collective defense clause at the heart of the alliance if reel
  15. By Jay Kuo The week started out with the first official Democratic primary in the country. And insurgent contender Dean Phillips exceeded expectations. The bad kind, that is. Phillips tried to put a brave face on a humiliating third place finish. This take was on point… … until Willi
  16. This is terrifying. And Erik Prince is terrifying. And yet we must listen to Prince because he’s advising Trump and Trump is listening. If you think Trump wouldn’t try to do what Prince is advising, think again.
  17. By: David Morgan WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate on Friday edged closer to passing a bill that includes $95.34 billion in aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, but faces an uncertain path to becoming law due to Republican opposition in both chambers of Congress. The Senate vot
  18. By Evan Perez, Holmes Lybrand, Hannah Rabinowitz, Devan Cole, Jeremy Herb, Zachary Cohen and Kaanita Iyer, CNN Special counsel Robert Hur released a searing report Thursday that concluded President Joe Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified military and national securit
  19. Marianne Williamson (D) suspends presidential campaign after getting only 3% in Nevada
  20. GQPARTY-OF-TRUMP =Conman over Country

    📰 Shocker: Republicans Admit in Private That They Killed a Good Deal In an extraordinary spectacle, virtually all Senate Republicans joined together Wednesday to block a bipartisan bill that would have given Republicans much of what they wanted on border security . Why? Because Dona

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