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Liberal Braves fan in PA

I'm a huge Atlanta Braves fan, who is very active in politics. Also enjoy Broadway, the Buckeyes, TV, and movies. Looking for a Twitter alternative.

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  1. This!
  2. I've worked in science long enough to know that this is scientist speak for, "screw it, you're gonna do what you're gonna do."
  3. Bring baseball people

    Hopefully Post will catch on in the baseball world soon. As soon as it does, I'll have no reason for Twitter. Getting really sick of the crap over there.
  4. Wow. Are concentration camps next for trans people? Good gracious.
  5. Absolutely ridiculous.
  6. Seems like a useful post for a newbie like myself.
  7. Hello Post! Just getting started here, but looking forward to this Twitter alternative. Go #Braves!

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