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CEO/CFO/CIO of the Newmans, she/her

Career volunteer , proud wife of the Spouse, mom to Prodigal Son & Princess Sunshine plus our zoo . Be prepared for lots of photos of sunrises and pets. Effective 11/24/22

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  1. It was a #lynching. When will it stop? The system seems beyond repair. #tyrenichols #heartbroken
  2. MLK and empty platitudes

    Haven't posted in a while. I'm not going to send up any empty platitudes about MLK Day. Honoring his legacy should be more than just a date on the calendar. We need to lift up those who followed hi
  3. Here's my question for all the political peoples out there: If, G-d forbid, Scalise is nominated, will he be able to get to 218 or are there enough....pragmatic?....GOPers who will refuse to vote for h
  4. Commotio Cordis

    Thinking about Damar Hamlin and the quick response of the medical staff. I remember when this happened in Raleigh and how everyone in the state came together to pass the law ensuring AED's at all spo
  5. After waiting for MONTHS for a Kia PHEV only to have the IRS rules rewritten for tax credits (or so it seems) for cars simply waiting for chips, we decided to abandon ship and get a straight up hybrid
  6. Sunrise for a New Year.
  7. #bookrecommendation I’ve also read What Could Be Saved by the same author. Get ye hence to your local independent purveyor or order thru for both. 👍🏻
  8. Re: George Santos. I hope people realize how dangerous his claims are for other Jews. #scumbag
  9. #discosnowman wishes you a #sparkly and #joyous #chrismukkah
  10. Yet another reason to avoid their #hatechicken (although, TBF, I do miss the lemonade) #boycottchikfila #supportlgbtqia
  11. Apparently gifs are active. A little cumbersome but still happening
  12. When your 27 year old behaves like a preteen. #serbenjin #snugglypuppy
  13. My overachieving #Christmascacti They started blooming at Halloween and haven’t stopped. #flowersofpost
  14. 81 million people voted for #indictments, even before #J6 . I realize the #AG is a cautious guy, as he should be in these hyper-polarized times, but I doubt he took this job without understanding the
  15. I've been on #post for almost a month now. It's been a lovely, calm space but I sort of sense it's a bit of an echo chamber. I'm not yet seeing as much of a conversational tone, maybe because notifi
  16. FedEx Field may be the worst stadium in the league but the networks always make the most of all of the beautiful monuments in DC. Especially at night. #SundayNightFootball #Commanders #DMV
  17. Last Night at Enchant at Nationals Park, DC. Fun to be in the middle of a Hallmark set ☺️
  18. Saving to listen later 🕎
  19. Hi in the spirit of "Real news, Real people , Civil conversations", I would like to ask each of you to spend some time personalizing your profile. If you don't want to put a picture of yourself, put a p

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