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Julie Sharbutt


Writer, Filmmaker, Gardener, Ghost Story Enthusiast

Los Angeles, CA

Grown in New York, schooled in Nashville, living, writing and hiking in LA. Writer & Director of SCAM (2023), 3 DAYS on Alter, MOVED on Amazon. Co-Writer of CUPIDS (Tribeca, Cannes). Screenwriter of Award Winning scripts GHOSTIES, EXCELLENT FANCY, SALVAGED, THE SKID, HALLOWEEN PARADE, COOL NEW TOWN and more. Humor writer for The New Yorker Shouts & Murmurs and McSweeneys. Fair weather soccer and baseball fan. Vote, volunteer, stay hydrated.

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  1. This holiday season, may all the world know the joy of remembering you have a bunch of chocolate covered nuts in the freezer you forgot about.
  2. Hey all! Happy to be here. Tell me what I need to know, I'll scrunch my face and nod and maybe lose interest fast like it's player instructions on game night.

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