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Education attorney | mom of 3 | SF Bay Area

New York born and bred, California transplant. Education attorney, former school board trustee. Pro-tolerance, anti-hate. Mets/Jets/ Rangers/Lakers fan. I meant what I said and I said what I meant.

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  1. Incredible reporting by The NY Times on the Durham investigation and Bill Barr’s role. In short: Barr is one evil dude.
  2. I’m just feeling done with Twitter. Like my presence on there supports something/someone I don’t agree with.
  3. Amazing photographs The photography in this article about the uniqueness of every snowflake is incredible!
  4. If you are looking to read something optimistic about how democracy can prevail and how courts are protecting the right to vote, I suggest the following.
  5. Good info in this update from Noam
  6. So...a known antisemite comes to dinner and brings with him an unknown guest who--it turns out--is also an antisemite. And, this is the response?
  7. Helpful!
  8. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Happy to be here!

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