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Fairport Mayor - Mom, Dog mom, Cat mom, Pat’s wife, Grandma, ProDemocracy, Ukraine Supporter, BLM, Not afraid to say Gay, Bills Fan

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  1. The important story! #SenatorFetterman
  2. #HotDogFingers
  3. I love that Ke Huy Quan won the award. He was in Indiana and the Temple of Doom, directed by Steven Spielberg with Cate Capshaw, along with acting in Encino Man with Brendon Frasier. #Oscars
  4. Happy Birthday James! #Oscars
  5. Thank you to the Academy for honoring Navaltny. #Democracy
  6. Congratulations Jamie Leigh Curtis! I’m crying for your mom. She would be so proud of you.
  7. Still time to get in on our webinar on How to Heal From Burnout this coming Monday! Register here .
  8. Happy International Woman’s Day 😏
  9. A distressing situation in GA
  10. Up now on the Tube: the five MUST READ books for women leaders this Spring. Click through and subscribe!
  11. Surely an improvement from the likes of these👇
  12. Well, the waitlist is gone and that means we have new Posties joining us every day! To those of you that are new here – welcome! I’ve been here since November, one of the first few thousand users, and
  13. Who knew we needed some Socrates to help us usher in a new social era on Post? We are building the new , together.
  14. This is an excellent interview and worth your time. Give it a listen.
  15. Patagonia ad. So good.
  16. I love how this casually slips under the radar (while Fox is screaming about Hunter Biden's laptop). Rand Paul's nephew-in-law who worked for Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul was just found guilty of funn
  17. There are 18 Republicans elected in Biden-majority districts. Voters should start calling and demanding that these swing district Republicans vote for Jeffries for Speaker so that the House gets to w
  18. There’s a reason why Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been the greatest Speaker not once but twice, she actually knew what the hell she was doing and is a master at her craft. I don’t ever remember her beggin
  19. Compounding the failure by apparently not being able to figure his way out of it...

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