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Saoirse Woman

Christian * Feminist * Democracy defender * Disinformation destroyer * Anti-Fascist * Herbalism & Birthwork is my jam. * Ancient Gates Birth Affirmation Cards & Labour Playlist * I make trolls cry.

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  1. I just got permanently suspended from Twitter

    Reason to watch Dead To Me, other than the joy of watching Christina Applegate say "No!!!" - this line: "You are NOT a burden. You are my fucking heart!" to her friend Judy when she reveals she has te
  3. I've only been on Twitter a few months, but whew. It's a relief to be here. Hi, sane folks.
  4. If you're looking for something special to encourage & support a woman soon to become a mother, especially if she resonates with the Christian faith tradition, check out the Ancient Gates Prayers & Pr

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