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Julian Rademeyer


Writer, researcher on (dis)organised crime

Director - East & Southern Africa at the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime ( Previously at and Author of 'Killing for Profit - Exposing the illegal rhino horn trade'.

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  1. Landscape of fear

    A complex, corrosive combination of organised crime, deep-seated corruption and toxic local politics continues to bedevil South Africa's Mpumalanga province and threatens the world-famous #KrugerNationalPark
  2. One year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many African countries have tried to avoid strong denunciations or shows of support for either side in the conflict, walking a diplomatic tightrope even as the war has had a major impact on food and fuel prices across the continent.
  3. Landscape of Fear: Crime, corruption and murder in the greater Kruger National Park

    For more than a decade, #SouthAfrica 's iconic #KrugerNationalPark has faced a relentless onslaught of #rhino #poaching . But today its greatest threat is internal #corruption , itself a symptom of a breakdown in trust, staff cohesion and professionalism within the park, coupled wit
  4. The Grey Zone

    Russia has rapidly increased its engagement in Africa in recent years, both politically and economically, as it seeks to expand its influence on the continent. Our new report for the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime investigates the Wagner Group, a private
  5. The United Nations estimates that drug users in Africa will have nearly doubled by 2030. Across the continent, villages, town and cities are contending with an explosion of heroin and methamphetamine use. Watch 'Trade Secrets' , a new documentary short by the Global Initiative Aga
  6. Rethinking the campaign against drugs in East and Southern Africa

    Drug markets in East and Southern Africa are growing rapidly. Resilient and quick to evolve, their impact is felt in cities, towns and villages in almost every corner of the region. Few escape the toxic effects of transnational organised crime linked to drugs. The harms are immen
  7. Terror and Taxes in Somalia

    Somalia's Al-Shabaab is the ‘largest, wealthiest and most deadly’ al-Qaeda affiliate remaining in the world. ‘Terror and Taxes’, a new report for the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized

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