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  1. American democracy is at stake and it depends on each one of us to defend it. The best way to fight against voter suppression? Stay informed.
  2. Mike Pence referring to a “gaggle of crackpot lawyers” is rude, unprofessional, dehumanizing, and unbecoming a presidential candidate. The preferred terminology is “The Federalist Society.”
  3. Tweetless Tuesday in two hours. Pass it on.
  4. In the internment camps we learned valuable skills! Like how not to get shot for trying to escape, when we just running to use the public latrine on a freezing cold night.
  5. In 2021, MLB moved its All-Star game from GA to protest of the state’s voter suppression law because MLB “fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box.” In 2024, it will hold it in TX, the state with literally the worst voter s
  6. They did try that in a small town. And 376 officers waited 74 minutes to confront 1 guy with an AR-15.
  7. Ron DeSantis is spending time defending the benefits of slavery and investigating Bud Light instead of fixing the home insurance crisis and highest inflation in the country in his state of Florida.
  8. Building on the recent ground-breaking work by ProPublica, the NYT added to the picture of the most senior justice on the Supreme Court with a Sunday piece titled : “Where Clarence Thomas Entered an Elite Circle and Opened a Door to the Court.” The revelations in the latest piece m
  9. "One wild card is what might happen if Trump wins in 2024 and moves to implement some of the policies he’s proposed that amount to mobilizing federal power against blue institutions and individuals – including a massive deportation program of undocumented immigrants and the deplo
  10. Let me be clear: If North Carolina enacts a new voter suppression law, it will be sued. And it will lose.
  11. (🔐) PROOF EXCLUSIVE: A Running Tally of Every Twitter Feature Elon Musk Has Broken This is a massive new report on what’s happened—or, rather, what’s deliberately been done to—Twitter. I hope you will subscribe to PROOF, read this long exposé, and consider sharing it with others.
  12. Still waiting for the Governor to sign this important piece of voting rights legislation.
  13. Come on Posters, let’s get @marcelias above 100K followers!
  14. By Graig Graziosi Donald Trump reportedly tried to push Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to flip the state's 2020 election results in his favour, according to a new report. The latest allegations against Mr Trump claim the former president wanted Mr Ducey to find enough votes to overtur
  15. WOW: New photos emerge of Trump holding a giant stack of documents and walking around Bedminster just days before the Mar-a-Lago search.
  16. In a worst-case scenario, Twitter may collapse or destabilise if certain elements within it go offline. Aside from Twitter trolls, this outcome would be in nobody’s best interest. So it’s more likely Twitter and Google Cloud will find a mutually agreeable way forward. -- cc @conver
  17. As journalists, it is our first responsibility to report the news, to share the story, to communicate truth. Limiting our access to free information, and blocking our means to share it, is a big disservice to public. Extortion and forced payments don’t work. It’s the internet!
  18. I am receiving repeated alerts about a significant number of new followers here. I assume this has something to do with the new limitations on viewing tweets on #Twitter .

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