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Concerned about our future. Research is my thing. Science environment design education integrity empathy learning and lots of other stuff

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  1. The #Greenbelt was saved but now the Ontario government lead by @fordnation wants to weaken critical freshwater protections! Sign on to let them know Ontario’s water protection laws are more than just "red tape." #GreatLakes #Environment #OnPoli
  2. Take him down. This can't wait for the next election.,7%2C400%20acres%20from%20the%20Greenbelt .
  3. BREAKING! The Auditor General finds in scathing report that Doug Ford's Conservatives "favoured certain developers' in controversial Greenbelt Plant" In a 93-page report to the legislature, Bonnie Lysyk said the Tories did not need the 15 parcels of land to achieve their promised t
  4. - #TakeActionOntario
  5. Canada has a long shameful history of systemic racism.
  6. What are we waiting for?

    Many have been posting pics of beautiful sunsets taken throughout southern Ontario Canada and beyond, and pics of the full moon in the sky with an orangey red hue. Now we are seeing pics with oddly coloured skies and poor visibity. Tragically these phenomena are more spectacular
  7. David Crombie and Alliance for a Liveable Ontario Members have a Message for Premier Doug Ford

    At Queen's Park Jun 1, 2023, David Crombie spoke to the media along with advocates from the Alliance for a Liveable Ontario representing the farming, housing and environmental sectors. Crombie commented ' the mask has dropped ', based on the disparaging remarks by Ontario Premier
  8. A compelling argument for reducing consumption. The damage involved with mining the metals needed for EV is substantial and must not be ignored.
  9. Happy Birthday David Crombie!

    There is so more to his story than him serving as one of Toronto’s best known mayors, MPPs and MPs. In 2018 David Crombie was appointed to a 3 year term as Chair of the #Greenbelt Council. It made headline news in December 2020 that he resigned in protest over the Doug Ford provi
  10. This is for Canadians and particularly Ontarians: Ontario Premier Doug Ford is already pretending that the sale of 7,400 acres of the "Greenbelt," north of Toronto and some of the finest farmland in
  11. Here's a potentially positive update for your Friday about a concerning issue. Please check out my video about the Greenbelt and share widely. Thanks!
  12. Has Ontario’s housing ‘plan’ been built on a foundation of evidentiary sand?

    from Mark Winfield, The Conversation (Canada) 22 Jan 2023 Premier Doug Ford’s government justified the adoption of this sweeping housing legislation, as well as the opening of parts of Ontario’s Greenb
  13. #Greenbelt #onpoli
  14. #greenbelt #onpoli Proposed changes to Greenbelt risk 'irreversible harm,' Parks Canada says
  15. A wonderful message! Thank you Gurdeep Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  16. Here is my pet post. Sampson guarding the Grand River.

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