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Entrepreneur, investor, environmentalist, tech geek, dad.

Lexington, MA

Standard journey of a serial entrepreneur who got lucky enough to step out of the game and invest time and capital into other founders looking to find success. I co-founded TBD Angels and have invested in over 120 early to later stage startups across industries and with a diverse group of founders. While I can go deep on Ad Tech it doesn't mean I like to. Would rather learn about other problems that people are solving.

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  1. Giuliani has a hearing problem

    One key unexpected takeaway from the #Giuliani recordings is that he must be seriously hard of hearing. Based on the amount of viagra he was taking it is evident he thought #Trump was asking him to “rig and erection” not “rig an election”.
  2. Holy Shit. #RudyGiuliani is an asshole but this is so much worse. There are recordings of all of it. She kept it all. And of course the recordings and emails have #Trump and his family and so many more wrapped up in them as well. This is a shitload of evidence.
  3. Hell of a great news cycle this week related to the worlds dumbest criminals #Trump and #Santos . Hope this hits keep on coming!
  4. Espionage.. questions...

    I have questions... 1) This seems like a lot of very specific intelligence for a 21 year old air national guardsman to have access to? Not trying to be a conspiracy theorist, but why was he able to access so much without raises red flags? Are others involved and this kid is just a
  5. Green Energy is Rising - Coal Declining

    Great news on the continued decline of #coal in power generation in the US. #GreenEnergy is surging especially in places like #Texas . #WindPower #SolarPower #hydropower for the win! US coal plant contribution to electric grid plummets to smallest in history: report
  6. #FoxNews is losing this case quickly. I imagine this will lead to some penalties which could end up being severe. We can only hope.
  7. Lock him up! Lock him up! #trump #indictment #grandjury
  8. Too funny! #desantis #disney #boycottFL
  9. Interactive EV Supply Chain Data Visualization

    Really cool way to play with the data and see the impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Act on the EV Supply Chain (Vehicles, Batteries, etc.). For an explanation of some of the data I recommend checking this out... #EV #ElectricVehicle #Battery #Batteries
  10. Yet another reason to #boycottFL . It is literally being run by people who want society to mimic The Handmaid’s Tale. What is wrong with these people. Oh yeah - they feel emboldened and there is no recourse to their actions. Rather than discuss openly with children what is going o
  11. Taxes are hard because companies want them to be hard

    Tax season is the absolute worst. I am convinced that the reason we are stuck with horrible tax code is due to lobbyists of H&R Block and TurboTax/Intuit wanting to protect their profits. These companies are evil and the American tax payer is paying the price for their corporate
  12. Lock Him Up

    I am both giddy and concerned. Using the same language he used to invite the #Jan6 #Insurrection is ominous. Hopefully #Trump is arrested without any issues. #LockHimUp
  13. Can anyone explain how this is a winning strategy for the #GOP ? Isn’t there strong support for this drug? An #IPSOS #poll from February found two-thirds of Americans say that medication #abortion should remain legal in the United States, including 84% of Democrats, 67% of indepen
  14. Boycott Events in Florida

    It occurs to me (and probably has occurred to many others who are much smarter than me) that #Florida derives an incredible amount of revenue from corporate tourism (trade shows, conferences, conventions, etc). The best way to force changes in policy (other than by voting out the
  15. So many secrets we have left to uncover. This guy has no place in setting policies for the rest of us. #Santos needs to go.
  16. My jury duty tomorrow got canceled. Apparently I am no longer needed. I am ok with that ;) It’s good to be superfluous.
  17. This is a solid set of thoughts related to #SVB .
  18. Pence is still Feckless

    This spineless sack of shit had many chances to be part of history holding #Trump accountable. #Pence may have refused to do the one thing he was asked by Trump to do because he knew it was not legal but that doesn’t mean he has taken a strong stand against Trump like he is tryin
  19. Over the last 20 years SVB has been an important partner to companies I have both co-founded and invested in. They were more than a bank at times extending debt facilities to us and working with us through tough times and helping us both financially and strategically when we need

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