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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

Company advisor. Wall Street 3 US Investment Banks (Tokyo Branch) Alum(20+yrs). 😷 Proud husband. Dad to adult son. 💙Jack Russell🏈⚾

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  1. Kevin McCarthy is not capable of filling the heels of Nancy Pelosi.
  2. We have now reached the Dress Like a Tube o’ Toothpaste portion of the Miss MAGA competition at Mar-a-Lardo.
  3. What fun this has been...
  4. It really is like Catch me if you can!!
  5. This was awful, the NFL just canceled the game!! Praying for this young man!! 🙏😖🏈
  6. Happy New Year to everyone on this platform. Best Wishes for 2023!🎉☮️😊
  7. Thank you for this. I will follow back.
  8. I posted this on Twitter "On this day of Christmas Eve, one good thing for us was that we could see our son face to face. He had spent pretty long time with oversea's research institute as a part of h
  9. Happy Wednesday, #Resisters and all Non-MAGA! FOLLOWERS ONLY: To grow your account, Vet/Follow/FB all who Retweet. Party lasts for 24-hrs. #FollowParty #FBR #FBPE Find me on the bird @1drcole.
  10. If you are new to Post from Twitter, will follow back and want to find other resisters… Reply to this post Follow anyone else who replied (follow people first to make the most connections, don’t wait an
  11. obviously it's the Christmas edition of "Spot the Sociopath"
  12. Merry Christmas to everyone on this platform.🎄⛄️❤️
  13. "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." e.e. cummings
  14. The January 6 Committee report is out. The details are damning. Read it here and pass it on .
  15. "Sir, an orange jumpsuit would match your makeup perfectly. People will be so impressed."

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