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  1. Trump is delusional, as usual

    Trump is so ridiculous he thinks that because he was indicted that his successor should be too. The problem is that Joe Biden has served admirably, and to his credit has gotten significant legislation passed. Unlike Trump, who only got things done by executive order and breaking
  2. Here in the USA, President Biden has made the Justice Department independent again, unlike the Trump administration. In addition to Attorney General Garland, who appointed a special prosecutor to perform the investigation independently, the process has been handled appropriately.
  3. This "election fraud" BS was created by MAGA Republicans to explain why Donald Trump really won the last election. The elections in this country are, and have been, transparent, auditable and clean. This is a false narrative created by, and for the benefit of, those who could not
  4. We all knew that Trump has no morals or ethics, but his utter lack of regard for guarding national secrets disqualifies him from ever holding any public office again. The fact that so many Republicans still support him is a sad testament to the state of the current GOP under his
  5. Is anyone surprised that instead of focusing on the nation's issues and developing policies that allow us all to thrive, all Trump cares about is seeking revenge on the dedicated public servants who exposed his potential crimes. It also demonstrates his complete lack of understan
  6. I think the first amendment to the US Constitution is pretty clear on this. Now conservative "Christian" judges on the supreme court want to make us a Christian nation with the least Christian person on the planet in charge. It's ridiculous, but so was Trump ever getting elected

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