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Joseph Readdy


Portland, Oregon

Urban designer living and working in PDX. Riding my bike everywhere and shopping at the farmers market.

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  1. Politics and Minority Rule Threaten Democracy

    Jennifer Rubin in The Washington Post "The solution to the tyranny of the minority is a wave of pro-democracy reforms, including elimination of gerrymandering and lifetime terms for Supreme Court justices as well as expansion and protection of voting rights. Republicans, once depr
  2. Oregon Coast at Sunset and Low Tide

    CBO: quick trip to the Oregon coast. Always happy to walk this beach at sunset. Low tide provided a new perspective on these haystack rocks.
  3. CBO: happy to have an opportunity to walk this beach and visit these stacks along the Oregon Coast in any weather, at any time of day.
  4. Few things are better than a summer sunrise in PDX…
  5. Sometimes when the roof isn't high enough, you need a ladder to reach the stars.
  6. Central Oregon on my mind today…
  7. Coffee shop hat rack in Browne's Addition, Spokane, Washington.
  8. Black Butte from the meadow at Black Butte Ranch.
  9. PDX: our urban crows are endlessly fascinating…
  10. Smith Rock, Oregon and the Crooked River.
  11. PDX: spring leaning into summer… #photography #Nature #Urban
  12. Vanmoof S3

    I have a 2020 Vanmoof S3. I've lost the anti-lock nut and washer on the front hub. The Owner's Manual doesn't specify the diameter and thread pitch of the hub; there's no information on the website; customer service from Vanmoof has been poor. If anyone in this community has the
  13. Some of the very worst drivers in PDX are the ones in their Subaru Foresters with the "Share the Road" plates. I used to think "Ally," now I think "Mayhem."
  14. On the back roads of Walla Walla and Columbia Counties near Waitsburg, Washington on a blustery spring day.
  15. Our gardens are our native plant's once —and future habitats.
  16. Meet the Hawai'i farmer turning island waste into compost.
  17. How Distilling Almost Killed—Then Revived—One Of America’s Heritage Crops I find stories like these so very encouraging… Emily Cappiello writes for Modern Farmer about Bloody Butcher Corn (a hybrid of Hackberry Dent and Red Corn) with deep maroon kernels and a complex taste. Once p
  18. "If voters overwhelmingly elect judges such as Protasiewicz who clearly articulate their values while vowing to consider each case on its merits, then we are witnessing something far too rare: informed democracy. When everyone lays their cards on the table, it turns out that an h

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