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LA Sports Report/ BBWAA member. Author, The 50 Greatest Dodger Games of All Time. Dad to 凯禮思 and 爱佳. Husband to 懐葳.

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  1. "Some personal news"

    This is my final week at the Southern California News Group. I’ll have more news to share soon (promise!) about my next destination in sports journalism. Thanks to all who have followed me this far.
  2. I combed through dozens of job listings recently posted by MLB teams to identify the most interesting industry trends. Here are a few:
  3. Scouting the 2023 World Series

    For my World Series preview, I spoke to scouts who have been following the Arizona Diamondbacks and/or Texas Rangers all season. Through their eyes, the matchup looks (with apologies to Nate Silver) downright compelling:
  4. Praise for the Arm Barn

    Dave Roberts said he would manage Games 2 and 3 of the NLDS as if they were a Game 7. Game 2 went as promised, and the Dodgers' 4-2 loss might not have been so close if not for the bullpen:
  5. Welcome to the postseason of "Why Not Us?"

    I can't pick against any of the eight #MLB teams still alive. This postseason format prohibits it; everyone has a chance. So here is every team's case for why it can win the World Series:
  6. Catch him while you can, Dodger fans

    The Dodgers will take 5 innings from Clayton Kershaw every week for however much longer they can get it. It might only happen once more at Dodger Stadium after Saturday's shutout win over the Giants:
  7. The battle for NL bragging rights is on

    It’s the pointing Spider-Man meme. It’s Lucille Ball and Harpo Marx on either side of an imaginary mirror. It’s the biggest regular-season series left on the MLB schedule. It’s the Dodgers versus the Atlanta Braves:
  8. Extra: Local Kid Does Good!

    A positive reception for a visiting player is rarely as loud as it was for Long Beach's Spencer Steer this week in Anaheim. Here's a story about the Reds rookie as told through his friends, family and coaches:
  9. Feeling a draft

    One good reason to care about the MLB draft? There’s a better chance someone whose name is called tomorrow will be in the big leagues soon:
  10. For this week’s column, I wanted to revisit the impact of #MLB ’s new rules. So did Miguel Rojas, apparently:
  11. The #Angels avoided a sweep on a big day for their All-Stars. And a couple non-All-Stars too:
  12. My contribution to All-Star hype week: The case for Will Smith:
  13. Or, 'on the fickle nature of relief pitching'

    Last summer, Yency Almonte came out of nowhere to become a high-leverage reliever for the #Dodgers . Today he has a 6.75 ERA. What went wrong, and how he's trying to fix it:
  14. Dodgers-Yankees: Vintage Kershaw, vintage Betts

    Clayton Kershaw's first win in 3 weeks was his first ever against the Yankees. Appropriately, Mookie Betts did the most damage in the Dodgers' 8-4 win:
  15. Forget the Dallas Cowboys.

    When teams gain as much media visibility as the San Diego Padres just did yesterday, it's historically fashionable to dub them "America's Team." Can the Padres embrace the grand stage?

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