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Dog friendly, PNW

PNW! Love hiking, fishing and hanging with my favorite person, my wife.

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  1. Table Mountain in the Mt Baker Ski Area.
  2. Reposting
  3. Never forget: Republicans did this crazy shit to THEMSELVES.
  4. 🤣 #Politics
  5. #mondog my Gia out “snowshoeing” with us.
  6. 🌊Calling all Blue Friends🌊 Join us for #DemsConnect Follow Party. Connect with us daily by simply liking this post, reposting and following everyone who hit the like button! It's easy to find new & o
  7. Who knew Greta was the twitter GOAT?
  8. It’s insane that Donald Trump incited insurrection on Twitter and he has an account and I got permanently banned for saying Kyle Rittenhouse murdered two people. It’s probably for the best, but man th
  9. Hi Post! We're trying to find all of our Twitter friends on here. Can you please consider RePosting this and join us as we build out our platform on here?
  10. Right wingers love the say “go woke, go broke” only it isn’t true. Thanks the Elon Musk’s rapid fall, we know it really is “not woke, go broke”
  11. #GenX one of the first recording of songs on the radio was The Kinks “Destoyer” on my parents reel-to-reel.
  12. This site is not doing too bad for beta! Good job Post team. @feedback
  13. My Gia looking at the bowl like it will magically come to her. #postphotos #goldenretriever
  14. If Post succeeds in the spectacular way we all hope it will, its greatest accomplishment won’t be giving people a better version of Twitter. It will be fulfilling one of the earliest and dearest dream
  15. Got 10 inches of snow last night. Won’t be going up that driveway today. #postphotos #snow #snowbound #snowday
  16. Absolutely 💯 Everyone's welcome on my account!!
  17. All 34 Republicans who were texting mark meadows to tell trump to overthrow the government by declaring martial law or any other idea needs to be prosecuted and removed from office. #january6thcommittee
  18. Watching this Jan 6th stuff makes my stomach turn. I just can’t believe these traitors will now be the leaders in the house. Simply disgusting and an epic failure of America. #jan6 #sad

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