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James Pertusi


Musician who let a career get in the way.

Bass player, recording engineer, singer. Dog lover, cat lover, risotto lover. Pesaresi at heart. Learns by trial and error. Holds degree in armchair theoretical physics.

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  1. Took a little social media break. I don't really like the holidays anymore... I tend to just hide until it's over. Long story. Anyway, just because I'm a killjoy doesn't mean I don't want all the best
  2. The days are getting longer!!!
  3. After today... the days get longer! Spring is right around the corner.
  4. So far so good, but this place would be better if @seanmcarroll posted more often!!!
  5. Yup.
  6. The critters say hello.
  7. Indeed.
  8. For the first time on Post... Chag Sameach from your Goy in the hood!
  9. This particular thing I did with @therealjimsanto !!!
  10. Here's another thing I did in the past. For your "enjoyment".
  11. Here's something I did once...
  12. Hello world.

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