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  1. #vote
  2. That makes sense I guess
  3. Self-checkout started out as an option for the convenience of shoppers. Now, big retailers have turned self-checkout into a situation where the customer is doing work for the businesses. The big retailers will have only one checker open while 10 other checkout lanes are closed.
  4. We are fortunate to have AOC
  5. Donald J. ORANGE TURD BUSINESS VENTURE Donald J. ORANGE TURD Corkscrew Co. Donny has just received a $10 million investment, for a new manufacturing business. He personally will be working at the plant 24/7/365. Donny will not have any hands-on involvement with the process. His tin
  6. Adam Schiff is more of a patriot than all Republicans on that House floor combined. #news #politics
  7. Biden noted the press has taken to labeling his economic model “Bidenomics.” “I don’t know what the hell that is,” he joked. “But it’s working.” YES IT IS. Biden is a good President, that's for sure.

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