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  1. By Stuti Mishra Democrats in the US House of Representatives are investigating Donald Trump after he reportedly promised oil company executives that he will undo certain climate policies if they fund his return to the White House. Democratic members of the House Oversight Committee
  2. Even more despicable that Johnson is an attorney, an officer of the court. Grounds for disbarment?
  3. Speaker Mike Johnson’s violation of our judicial system with his attacks against a witness in an American courtroom and his condemnation of a legitimate judicial proceeding is chilling. Remember this day. If his party expands its power and criminal defendant Trump gets back into
  4. By Michelle Del Rey and Katie Hawkinson Federal prosecutors have asked the judge overseeing Steve Bannon ’s prison term to reverse a stay on his sentence now that an appeals court has upheld his contempt of Congress conviction. Prosecutors requested that Judge Carl Nichols overturn
  5. By JoJoFromJerz (My Mother’s Day musings are a wee bit different this year). I’ve been punched in the face. I’ve been held down and spit on. I’ve been kicked in the stomach, had my hair pulled and my eyes nearly scratched out. I’ve had a two hands around my throat long enough and h
  6. Too many people underestimate Russian brutality
  7. Thank god this TV series is being cancelled in November. It really sucks.
  8. I’d like to see an image of tacky well off (Mar a Lago folk) saying thank you to MAGA for being willing to lose their Social Security and Medicare to fund another millionaire tax cut by electing Trump again
  9. I love Jeff Tiedrich and do pay for a subscription. Well worth is and I am not a paid spokesperson. lol
  10. Four years ago today, the CDC advised all Americans to wear masks in public to avoid spreading covid. Trump immediately announced he would refuse to wear one, needlessly turning masking into a divisive partisan issue and contributing to countless avoidable deaths.
  11. Another small, frightened man who's been sucked into the patriarchal 'god has a penis' nonsense.
  12. This loser has as much knowledge of the Bible as the orange clown does.
  13. I think he's a deplorable idiot. He's acting on a premise that men can write a book and/or a set of rules that give men an advantage over women. In general, religion is a tool to concentrate power and wealth, which in most cases was the ultimate purpose in creating them. In addit
  14. Taliban
  15. We aren't a Christian nation.
  16. The people who believe this country is a founded on faith are too ignorant to have a microphone. They clearly don’t know our history. Someone should pull them aside and teach them a few things before they’re allowed to commingle with the general population.
  17. This guy is not a Christian.

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