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Journeyman journalist, lapsed historian. TPM is my thing. My dogs are Rufus and Milton.

New York city

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  1. Do me a favor and let people know I’m giving this site a try. I suppose you can “Repost” this? Is that the right term?
  2. Kate Riga has more on the four criminal referrals here. And follow along live with TPM as we breakdown the key moments and from today's committee meeting.
  3. Curious where folks are on Mastodon vs Post. I like that Post has less-linuxy persnicketyness than Mastodon. But for me Post just won't click until there's a reply/engagement tab. That's what makes yo
  4. About last night
  5. What’s too bad is that Post still doesn’t have a replies/engagement tab. That’s what’s holding it back from being a real Twitter replacement. I so wish they had it ready.
  6. Lol I guess everyone is getting suspended at twitter tonight.
  7. The Meadows Texts, Part 9 Featuring appearances from: Rudy Giuliani Jason Miller Bernie Kerik Maria Ryan And more!
  8. The Meadows Texts Part 8: Texts Show How Members Of Congress Advanced ‘Antifa’ Conspiracy Theories In The Wake Of Jan. 6
  9. The Meadow's Texts Part 6: Inside Team Trump’s Chaotic Attempts To Overturn The 2020 Vote In Georgia
  10. The Meadows Texts Part 7: Texts Reveal Four Trump Allies Mixed Requests For Pardons With Big Lie Boosterism At least three of those requests were subsequently granted by President Trump.
  11. Exclusive: First Installment in our Series
  12. EXCLUSIVE: New Trove of Mark Meadows Texts

    Exclusive: TPM obtains new trove of Mark Meadows texts which provide the first definitive, real-time record of the plot to overturn the 2020 election. 2319 texts, most made public here for the first ti
  13. Elon Musk becomes more predatory by the day.
  14. oh look
  15. I truly hope the founders here can stand up a reply/engagement tab in the near future. For me at least, it's simply impossible to follow conversations without it. Twitter has quickly becoming a 4chan
  16. Post Dev Path

    I remain very excited about the future of Post. Spending time at Twitter feels increasingly dirty, and not in a good way. There's too much janky about Mastodon, though mostly that's the downside of th
  17. This seems to be why a bunch of liberal and progressive accounts are suddenly getting banned on Twitter.
  18. Absolutely appalling. As we learn more, it will be worse. This fight continues.

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