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  1. OU Researchers Discover Antifungal Molecule

    Fungal infections are killing thousands of Americans each year, some with a morbidity rate of nearly 80%. To make matters worse, only a handful of antifungal treatments are available, and even those are becoming less effective as fungi become more resistant. However, University o
  2. Severe #weather season is here and researchers at the University of Oklahoma seek to change the way forecasting is communicated.
  3. #BlackHistoryMonth

    The Oklahoma Black Homesteader Project uncovered several new directions for future storytelling, including Black political participation, social mobility, economic improvement and the important role of Black women in the homesteading process.
  4. Dam Research!
  5. Dang! 👀

    We’re at a 650,000-year record for greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere and we’re not making a lot of progress mitigating global carbon dioxide emissions
  6. Black History is Oklahoma's History

    Kalenda Eaton, Ph.D., is leading a discussion on Black Americans who came to Oklahoma thanks to the Homestead Act of 1862. The webinar is free to attend! #blackpost
  7. What happens to your social media data when you die?
  8. This is VITAL for education in Oklahoma
  9. What's Your "And Then" Moment?

    Asking “How do people get the good jobs?” led him on a journey of qualitative research, interviewing people and analyzing stories about their paths to success. #Motivation #Success
  10. Funded by a $3.25 million grant from the National Institutes of Health for the five-year project, the researchers will use advanced biomedical 3-D printing to design and create unique, customized devices that can be tailored to the specific geometrical shape, size and location of

    Have you seen Apple's ad titled, The Greatest ? It highlights the iPhone's door detection, sound recognition, voice control, an other features to enhance inclusivity. This video will be the best 2 minutes of your day!
  12. Access to Water & Systemic Racism

    Sadly, due to systemic racism, it’s very likely that certain communities are going to be less able to capitalize on investments in water infrastructure.
  13. #VR therapy! #Research #VirtualReality #Oklahoma
  14. Forest conservation is crucial to the planet!
  15. Dr. McDaniel will receive over $600,000 in funding from the National Science Foundation!
  16. Deven Carlson, Ph.D., is the ONLY professor in Oklahoma to make the list of top researchers shaping education in the US. #Oklahoma #News #Research #University
  17. Now that we can Block and Mute other users, I thought I'd do a quick explainer on the difference between blocking and muting. Blocking: Blocking a user hides any posts created by them. They can't see y
  18. Interesting predictions from Visual Capitalist. Does anything catch your attention?

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