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Proud native Georgian, fan of ATL sports teams, Comp Lit PhD operating in the less prestigious areas of academe, film buff, s**tposter... I contain multitudes. he/him

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  1. RIP Milan Kundera.
  2. We think our current foster Todd Phox is a Carolina dog. This article explains so much of his behavior!
  3. "Almost everyone I spoke to in [The Villages] seemed to believe in the New World Order. They believe that the world is governed by a secret demonic cabal whose main two goals are to have sex with children and to wipe out the human species. And then they play golf about it."
  4. If you're into politics solely for the grift, then it makes sense that you wouldn't understand how campaign funds are supposed to be separate from your personal finances.
  5. "With luck, its passengers will be found alive. But it also showcases a press that will rapidly turn its attention to some issues while leaving other glaring omissions in its coverage. News outlets have, over the last 36 hours, devoted extraordinary resources to covering five mis
  6. I think Josh Marshall is spot-on here. In short, what ties this Alito story to the Thomas ones is that FedSoc sugar daddy Leonard Leo is running an emotional support billionaire program for right-wing SCOTUS Justices in a way that utterly belies the argument that lifetime appoint
  7. The SCOTUS's right wing is insanely corrupt.
  8. OMG Yung BilDaWall!!! (LOL)
  9. Triptych of Dory asking me to enter my laptop password so she can check out that mastiff she's been following on OnlyFans.
  10. Wouldn't you rather play with the dog toys we bought for you, TODD
  11. Well here we go. Gift article link for nonsubscribers.
  12. Lovely article

    Gift article link for nonsubscribers. I was drawn to this article b/c the nuclear family shares my not-terribly-common surname. I didn't realize homeschooler ideology was so batshit insane, so good on the Bealls (no relation that I'm aware of) for breaking the cycle.

    "Trump and his aides also allegedly carried out a 'dress rehearsal' for moving sensitive papers even before his office received the May 2022 subpoena, according to the people familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe a sensitive ongoing investig
  14. "'We knew we needed to find an issue that the candidates were comfortable talking about,' said Terry Schilling, the president of American Principles Project, a social conservative advocacy group. 'And we threw everything at the wall.' [my italics]
  15. Long, but terrific article. Gift link in case you don't subscribe to the NYT.
  16. Brownshirt relocation program.
  17. The New Jim Crow

    "When voting rights groups challenged SB 7066 in court, election officials in the state 'swore up and down' that they would assume the responsibility to ensure that new voter registrants were eligible under the new rules, Bowie said. "'Fast forward three years later, we learn that
  18. Gift article link

    "That is a jaw-dropping sentence — as empirically ludicrous as it is ideologically loaded. A glance at American history — taking in night riders, lynch mobs, the Tulsa race massacre of 1921 and the killings of Michael Griffith and Yusef Hawkins in New York in the 1980s, to say no

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