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Strong bias for all things open source.

Kernel QE, @RedHat Comp. Eng. Alum, @NYUTandon Substack about Safety Critical Computer Security

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  1. A lesson about IC Camouflaging, retirements, and legacy closed source IP

    New write-up I did. What caused the chip shortage? Legacy lithography machines appear to have been decommissioned. Closed Source Intellectual Property & the Chip Shortage
  2. I'll believe it when I see it. “The end user can’t ascertain every time what’s real, what’s not real. I think that’s an important guiding principle for technology we should have going forward,”
  3. Error Analysis

    Seems the most under appreciated scientific field of our time. And as a result, perhaps the most under utilized book in all of science right now: The Study of Uncertainties in Physical Measurement
  4. Right-to-repair is so odd. We need the aftermarket right to rip-out, replace and redesign. The IP system stops this. The mere right to repair someone else's proprietary system is counter productive in the end. And there is nothing worse than legislation claiming to "ensure cyberse
  5. I'm celebrating a win I got in early 2023. Got a promotion and a raise, the raise even beat inflation since the time I started my new role. All the while getting to do my work out in the open eg if yo
  6. I've been wondering this question for many months. Finally got around to putting my thoughts down about it.

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