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Co-wrangler of Plutopia News Network, cohost Radio Free Plutopia. Podcaster, writer, dharma observer, enzyme.

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  1. There are two George Takei accounts on Post. Which is real?
  2. Smart conversation with writer and independent publisher Casey S. Walker: #journalism #news
  3. Multireligious: Pablo Vazquez discusses their conversion from Catholicism to Zoroastrianism, and its influence on other religions. Pablo explains Zoroastrian beliefs, and Zoroastrianism in North Ameri
  4. Plutopia's interview with Doug Rushkoff covers a lot of ground... technoutopians, capitalism, billionaire tech bros, psychedelic tech bros, The Mindset, going beta, the blockchain and crypto, Q Anon,
  5. Plutopia News Network Sci-Fi Saturday:

    Plutopia News Network Sci-Fi Saturday: In the Norwegian film "Troll," a mythical giant returns from the mountains, and he's pissed! Watch out, Oslo! Streaming on Netflix.
  6. I think, therefore I am on Post, finally.

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