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  1. The thing to remember is that it was US… the users… who made twitter great. We have the same power to make Post great. So let’s stop missing what we had, and start making POST even better than Twitter ever was. We have that power.
  2. So only 29% of the GDP comes from Republican red counties. That’s staggering low. Spread the word.
  3. It’s only in the USA can a corporation rake in $110 million a year and pays its CEO $2.3 million and qualifies as a non-profit. Our tax system is set up and sustained by/for the wealthy and connected. Not surprisingly, it serves them best. The PGA/LIV merger is a prime example.
  4. To demand the Trump-appointed judge recuse herself from the indictment case, sign here No idea if it can help but I don't see how it can hurt.
  5. #StreetArt #FreeWayBlogging #Activism by PoliticalLands1
  6. Dr. Zera says that when it comes to pregnancy, there should be no government involvement. “The constellation of things that can go wrong in a pregnancy is so vast that you can never write legislation that captures the complexities of it,” she says. “It takes a real lack of humili
  7. #Ukraine #war #news #sport #Athletes
  8. Trump stole 31 top-secret documents - of highest sensitivity & knowingly put our troops, undercover agents, our nuclear codes & allies in peril.
  9. Saw this on social media, and it helps put the lie to all the repubs claiming the Trump indictment is some kind of political vendetta by the Dems: "Just remember as you read the indictment, there's not a single witness involved that's a Democrat. They're all Trump's handpicked pe
  10. In the 'age is just a number' category ... Joe Biden is 80. He gets exercise, eats a decent diet, is doing a job that would wear me out and I'm a decade younger. He has a supportive spouse and an intelligent, competent Vice-President. He has overcome a speech impediment and his
  11. Truth is stranger than fiction.
  12. Driving through Hialeah, Florida #TrumpIndicted
  13. The bigger question in response to this article, is why are we allowing EV manufacturers to build proprietary charging stations in the first place. All charging stations should fit all cars. Jst another reason this is the wrong road to go down...
  14. #DeSatan strikes again. Fees, rent out of control, unaffordable insurance…the only people who will be able to live in Florida soon will be rich - and probably white.
  15. This brought tears to my eyes.
  16. 'I don't get it': Trump said to have questioned why retired Gen. John Kelly's son fought in Afghanistan — during a Memorial Day visit to his grave

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