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Theatre • Photography • Politics. Postcards to Voters writer, former Broadway ad guy, Co-Producer of "What the Constitution Means to Me," now available on Prime Video.

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  1. Happy to write #postcardstovoters in Virginia this weekend to elect Kimberly Pope Adams as Delegate in District 82.
  2. Another blockbuster jobs report. Democrats continue delivering historic job growth!

    Nearly 14 million jobs created under President Joe Biden. That's more jobs than under the last 3 Republican presidents combined! (Thanks @simonwdc for highlighting the staggering contrast!)
  3. Happy to write #PostcardsToVoters in Virginia on behalf of Holly Seibold for Delegate in the Jan. 10 Special Election.
  4. Here's a frank and insightful discussion about Twitter's present and future life. If you're not already following Judd Legum on Post & Mastodon, you should be. Subscribe to his Popular Information new
  5. Pelosi in the House

    Highly recommend Pelosi in the House , Alexandra Pelosi's loving portrait of her unflinchingly patriotic, powerhouse mother. This intimate, behind-the-scenes documentary spans three decades in Nancy Pe
  6. Thankful to have both Post and Mastodon as alternatives to Twitter. Choice is a good thing.

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