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  1. The Son The Father and The Holy Tantrums

    There once was a man who had no spine He let his son dictate his every move and whine He never stood up for himself or said no He just followed his son wherever he would go His son was a crybaby who always threw a fit He demanded everything and never did his bit He treated his father l
  2. Our Daily Pursuit

    When lies are all around, And truth is hard to be found, Stay calm and keep your head, And don’t believe everything that’s said. Take a deep breath and think, Before you start to sink, And remember that the truth, Is always worth the pursuit.
  3. The Game We Play

    Politics, the game we play Where power and voice have their sway From the halls of Congress to the streets It's a battle between what's fair and deceit Some say it's noble, some call it a curse A means to create change, or just make things worse Where ideologies clash and passions igni
  4. We Reap What We Sow

    When the jester takes the throne, He is not crowned, he's overthrown. The kingdom becomes a circus, A place of folly, not of purpose. The people cry out in despair, Their once great land now stripped bare.
  5. Here to Stay

    They are those who don't believe In me, you, or the facts we retrieve They don't care for the nation's fate And would be content if we all lived in similar state They are used to live in hate They don't ca
  6. How to Roll with a Troll who’s Out of Control

    When a troll is out of control, It's best not to engage, I'm told. For their insults and their spite, Are designed to cause a fight. So just let them rant and rave, Like a toddler having a tantrum in a cav
  7. Until That Day Arrives

    When you stop praising folks for their art, I'll separate the artist from their heart. No more will talent be tied to their name, For creation should speak for itself, with no need for fame. But until tha
  8. Rumors

    Rumors fly through the air Carried by those who don't care Spread by those who lack wit Accepted by those who don't think a bit Haters start them with glee Fools repeat them endlessly Idiots believe them al
  9. The throne

    In the bathroom, on the throne, Sitting all alone, Doing what we all must do, But oh, it smells like a zoo! The stench is strong, it makes me weep, I'm tempted to just fall asleep, But then I hear a faint n
  10. Monstrous foes lie in wait, For the right time and state.

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