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I am an IT Professional and ancient history buff. I enjoy good productive discussions as I always have a thirst for learning.

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  1. Oh Those Twitter Files! How Elon Musk Rigged The COVID-19 Debate. Over the past few weeks we have seen Elon Musk laying out the groundwork in his effort to "expose" the Democrats and Big Tech of "conspi
  2. The Faux Pas of Ron DeSantis

    -Jonathan Gallant Dec 14 2022 Recently Gov. Ron DeSantis stated that he will petition a grand jury to investigate COVID-19 vaccines due to his assertion that there may be some wrongdoing in relation
  3. What I have missed on that other platform was this ability to emphasize specific words with italics . Or, if someone was a dork undesirable poster I could say so. Very cool.
  4. Absolutely
  5. Absolutely
  6. Thanks for the invitation. I can already see where this is going and I am very excited.

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