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Don't tell my publisher I'm here. I'm supposed to be working.

Screenwriter. Award-winning author- Eidolon Avenue, Eidolon 2, Martuk the Holy, Martuk: Proseuche. Too many others to mention. Patient. Polite. Persistent. But in a good way.

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  1. Reintroducing myself to the people of Post

    Ah, now that Twitter has officially become a right wing hellscape, guess I’m going to have to get used to checking news on my lil’ iPhone instead of my laptop (which Post won’t work on now for some odd reason). Hoping to become more active here again in the days and weeks to come
  2. Haven’t posted on Post in awhile because it won’t load in my laptop and I’m not a real “use my phone for everything”-type of guy. (Also been writing like crazy so that’s good, says the author who really need to get the next Eidolon out) But I do want to support the site and be in
  3. (insert something witty, funny, and memorable that makes your day and is absolutely worth rePosting)
  4. Great advice and worth saving.
  5. quick breath

    Up for air for a moment. Trudging deep in the weeds of the new Eidolon, page by page, paragraph by paragraph, sometimes even word by word, all painfully slow, so not a lot of time to post on Post. (he
  6. Amazing deal
  7. what are you writing?

    Have been stupidly stressing about posting something on New Year's Day and then feeling like whatever it is wouldn't be witty enough or interesting enough or, you know, whatever enough. And so I'm jus
  8. The quiet joy of absolute torture

    For four years, Donald Trump had everything he'd ever wanted. World leaders and VIPs stayed at his hotels. People stood at attention and saluted when he walked by. What he said was listened to, debated
  9. As a published writer who actually gets royalty checks, these numbers were shocking. Had no idea how fortunate I was.
  10. A quick snap of the egg whites, pre-lemon mousse era
  11. fifty-five - 1

    (The first in a series sharing some of the fifty-five word stories I write to limber up before diving into work for the day. Apologies for how dark they get. I do write horror, after all, so...) *** I’ve
  12. fifty-five words

    Oh, this is fun. When writing, I'll sometimes warm up by writing a quick story with only fifty-five words. Just off the top of my head. Beginning, middle, end. Done. A cohesive story in just fifty-fiv
  13. wracking my brain

    Very happy to be a part of Post and am increasingly confident it will continue to grow and strengthen and, in time, become a more than worthy successor to the Bird Site, aka Elon's Midlife Crisis. Prob
  14. 🤭☹️😢😭
  15. I'm back! After not being able to get on Post via my laptop - which is where 90 million percent of everything I do during the day happens - I tried it again and, voila!, yay!!!!! And now I have nothing
  16. And breathe

    Coming up for a quick breath before diving back into the twisted depths of Eidolon Avenue:The Third Feast (E3). May need to submit a letter of apology to my publisher when I turn this one in. Again. #WarningLabel
  17. Happy Jan 6th Criminal Referral Day to all who celebrate! ‘It’s the Season for punishin’ treason.
  18. My first step in developing a perfect meatloaf. ‘Cause why not? #cooking #homemade #howwriterswrite
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