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  1. TFG Leaker

    TFG leaking intelligence is on brand. And if he was willing to sell the secrets [Hello, $2 billion handed to Jared] it is pure evil and a betrayal of his oath of office, and on brand. #UnfitForOffice #LockHimUp ALREADY! #DefendDemocracy
  2. Jobs and then some

    More evidence that Bidenomics works. Bravo POTUS. But MSM would put a negative spin on this positive economic news #BidenHarris2024 #DefendDemocracy Jobs report shock: American economy added a stunning 336,000 jobs in September
  3. Wall by Joe

    "Biden builds southern border wall" is a major policy course change: I did not have this on my bingo card TBH. But the next election will be different from 2020 and he's obviously adjusting to ensure re-election #BidenHarris2024 #DefendDemocracy
  4. Gag fight?

    So hoping that TFG ignores the gag order to "test" Judge Engoron. And, if so, may the judge "throw the book at TFG" for the contempt of court🙏🤞
  5. Speakers in and out

    ICYMI History today: tale of two Speakers. The US House of Representatives ousted one, while the Canadian Parliament elected one, the first ever Black Speaker.
  6. Karma at work today: One gagged by a judge. One fired by his caucus. #NoToMAGA #ETTD #DefendDemocracy
  7. Qevin is done as Speaker #ETTD #DefendDemocracy
  8. Watching live the vote to end Qevin M's short-lived MAGA Speakership #ETTD #DefendDemocracy
  9. Karma doubling down today😀 TFG and Qevin going through some things #FAFO #DefendDemocracy
  10. Loser loses

    Another loss for the loser TFG #JudgeChutkanRocks #DefendDemocracy Judge Tanya Chutkan rejects Trump’s demand that she recuse herself from federal 2020 election subversion case
  11. Grift revealed

    Let's hope the degradation of TFG's commercial and MAGA empire of grift, of fraud, of deception, and of malfeasance continues apace, that he is convicted and sentenced to hard time #LockHimUp #DefendDemocracy BBC News - Trump liable for fraud, judge finds in New York civil case
  12. Unfit

    Not only is TFG 💯 unfit for office, he is a clear and present menace to America and The World #LockHimUp #DefendDemocracy Opinion: Trump’s gaffes should raise questions about his fitness for office
  13. TFG admits to leading the coup during NBC interview. #LockHimUp #TFGJ6Indictment #JackSmithClosesIn
  14. Ellis done

    More former TFG insiders need to flip on TFG, and just maybe he can be convicted #LockHimUp #NeverAgainTFG
  15. #Caturday with the grandcats🐈 Have a good one, all!🤙
  16. Meadows loses

    Another loss for the TFG gang. No removal to federal court for Meadow's Georgia 2020 election overturning efforts #LockThemUp #DAFaniWillisRocks #DefendDemocracy Judge rejects Mark Meadows’ bid to move Georgia election interference case to federal court
  17. FO Gym

    Georgia DA Fani Willis skilfully swats away Gym Jordan's pathetic attempt to suppress her legal prosecution of TFG and his gang of 2020 election coup plotters #DefendDemocracy
  18. Motivate them Dems

    Still-lost CNN trying so hard to "level the field" with this meaningless summer poll, over one year from voting day 2024. If there's to be one silver lining to this crap, may it be to motivate the Dems to campaign hard and scared. #DefendDemocracy #NeverAgainTFG #BidenHarris2024
  19. Proud Boys down

    Good to see the leaders of the terror group Proud Boys get hard time for their January 6 failed insurrection #J6NeverAgain #FAFO #LockThemUp #DefendDemocracy
  20. World Cup Kiss

    ICYMI Spain celebrates its historic Women's FIFA World Cup win...with an epic debate over an unwanted kiss. Kisser soccer boss Rubiales is defiantly unrepentant. Aggrieved kissee star player Hermoso is rightly upset and angry. #TheFootballKiss #WhenAKissIsNotAKiss #FightMisogyny

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