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John Goodwin


Fighting for all animals!

Senior Director of the Stop Puppy Mills campaign at the Humane Society of the United States

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  1. Oregon has taken a strong stand against puppy mills! The governor just signed legislation to end the sale of puppies in pet stores!
  2. In Virginia, Fairfax County Animal Shelter is doing free adoptions through August. I mean, you could spend $5,000 on a puppy mill puppy at a place like Petland. But why?
  3. Sick puppy from Petland, again

    If you want to spend thousands of dollars on a puppy, thousands of dollars on vet bills, and thousands in interest on the loan Petland set you up with, then go ahead. But if you want a healthy dog, low adoption fee, no immediate vet bills and no interest on debt, then adopt at a s
  4. You can find out who your IN state senator is at!

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