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John Nephew


Tabletop Game Publisher, Birdland Refugee

Duluth, Minnesota, USA

Dad, Husband, co-owner and President of Atlas Games®, plastics novice, amateur woodworker, etc. he/him.

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  1. I subscribe to their newsletter, and you should too.
  2. Where my interests converge: The "Castlecore" aesthetic for woodworking
  3. I am glad I downloaded my Twitter archive not long after the Melon Husk took over. Who knows when it might suddenly go poof or simply become inaccessible to me?
  4. O+ FTW

    Gave blood at a Red Cross drive today. I think the last time was back before the pandemic. I kept meaning to, but one thing and another, and I am always reluctant to make an appointment far in advance
  5. Welp. Trying a new social media site.

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