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Retired guy. Used to work for newspapers. My party affiliation is anti-Republican. 

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  1. Spoutible.

    Seriously, good people of Post, try Spoutible. It's a nice place full of nice people, some of them also funny people. Important tip: When you get there, follow a bunch of people. You won't see much going on if you aren't following. Don't worry about choosing the people carefully.
  2. How obvious does it need to get?

    Mr. Obeidallah is correct. The media can't just keep reporting "Trump said something wacky. Maybe even zany. Yuk yuk." I know there's no journalistic convention for mentioning in a news story that the person being quoted is clearly in need of a geriatic psych exam, but there didn
  3. Republicans are shocked to be threatened by Republicans.

    First we came for the people we called socialists, and I did not speak out because I was completely on board with that ... Then I voted against their choice for Speaker, and they came for me. Treated me like I'm anti-fascist, they did.
  4. Why do Republicans hate their grandchildren? That's the question we need to start asking these dipshits. "What did those children do that makes you want to deny them a future?"
  5. Romney was just a guy for the "marks" to cheer.

    I'm repeating myself, so someone tell me if I've said this often enough: The GOP is like the WWE. Some of the characters are portrayed as lunatics, and some as more reasonable. But they're all in the same show.
  6. Looking out for No. 1

    Kemp is no dummy. He knows Trump wouldn't put a fix in for him, so he's not going to do it for Trump. They both do that for themselves. It should be illegal to be secretary of state while running for governor of that state, which is what Kemp did in 2018. That's a no-brainer.
  7. I have a stupid question about the app. How do I sign out?
  8. Things I've learned since my career ended.

    It's the 10th anniversary of the end of my print journalism life, which came on a big day of layoffs at The Plain Dealer in Cleveland. I was ready to leave, and things mostly worked out fine for me after that, and now I'm retired anyway, so I'm mostly just in a reflective mood. (O
  9. How it ends, revisited.

    The discussion about "Oppenheimer" makes me think about how my fear of the end of civilization has evolved. I used to worry about a lunatic ending everything in a flash. Now it's about mundane greed and laziness, and many people doing nothing as the world slowly burns.
  10. What I learned in white straight man school.

    The most important thing I've learned about my privilege is that almost everyone treats me nicely, so being nice to me isn't sufficient evidence of a nice person.
  11. Soothsayers and Caesars?

    I wonder if this is correct. The masses seem docile. I'm a nonviolent (and lazy) person. I think we need to be open to radical systemic changes and make them with care and empathy. But I'm surprised that the rubber band of income inequality has stretched so far without blowback.
  12. A big fat silver lining.

    Major plus of Twitter blocking people who aren't signed in: The sign-in page no longer shows you the latest wisdom of Chairman Elmo. I'm sure I've blocked him 20 times, but that sitcom has been set up so he's the wacky neighbor who bursts through the door. Kramer was funnier.
  13. Prigozhin could be President of Russia if Mike Pence had done the right thing.
  14. Of bubbles and whack-a-mole

    The time I spend on Twitter continues to decrease, and I've been telling myself I just go there for sports news and chatter. It's still good for that, honest. But I just spent about 10 minutes on it, and probably 9:45 was blocking right-wingers who showed up on my timeline becaus
  15. Just thinking out loud, might be off base.

    If we were surprised there weren't more MAGAt protesters at Trump's arraignment, there might be a reason other than declining popularity. The MAGAts generally don't go downtown. Any big city. It scares them, because they're high on their own supply of propaganda. Maybe they think
  16. Sometimes it's hard to tell

    Does Kevin McCarthy really think the president indicts people, or is he just confident his supporters are too ignorant to know where indictments come from? Maybe he's implying that Biden is giving orders and the investigation is following them, but I'm not sure he's smart enough
  17. How we see it outside the U.S. A fascist got himself elected president of the United States, did a bunch of fascist shit, and then tried a type of coup known as an autogolpe - a coup to keep a strongman in power anti-democratically. And instead of putting that guy's ass in jail, y
  18. There's a short, simple word for "Hitler-promoting antisemites." Nobody seems to want to use it.
  19. But you watched it, right? That's all they care about.

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